Building A Strong Company Sales Training Program

Melissa Brodsky


August 18, 2020

One woman receiving sales training from another woman.

Sales are the bread and butter of your business. For effective sales, your salespeople need training. They’ll have to understand not only the company and product, but the prospective customer, as well. If you want a strong, driven team ready to build revenue, then you must have a sales training program in place. 

Hire Growth

If you’re just adding a sales team to your company, you first need to find excellent account executives with proven leadership skills. Once they have moved the proverbial needle, and those account execs have proven themselves and hit their ROIs, it’s time to grow your sales team. 

  • Look for people who are:
    • Effective communicators
    • Hard workers
    • Thoughtful
    • Intelligent
    • Strategic
    • Coachable
    • Driven
    • Passionate

Product Pitch

Before your sales team can sell your product, they need to know it inside and out. The salesperson needs to be ready for curveball questions, demo glitches, and anything that can and will happen during a sales presentation or meeting. To offset errors, deep-dive training into the product is a must. 

Customer Communication

Your company may have uniform messaging, along with voice and tone used for product pitching and meetings. Your salespeople need to know how to talk to your leads and clients. Scripts are fine, but once comfortable with the messaging, it’s important they make the words their own. Encourage your team to find their own voice and style while staying consistent with the company communication format. 

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Team Tools

Most sales teams use a CRM to document every step of the sales journey, from correspondence and beyond. Train your team to use your tools properly, they’re important to all parts of the sale from first contact to close. 

Sales Training

Every company has a different training process. There are some universal key points to consider that will help make your team unstoppable:  

  • Identify your strongest sales leaders and have them run the training sessions. If there are a few, have a mentorship, buddy system in place. 
  • Create an onboarding training process.
  • Identify whether your training program will be face to face or online, and through what platform.
  • Inspire and motivate your new team members
  • Practice with customer/sales rep role-playing
  • Throw them on the field. There’s no better way to learn than learning it hands-on. Of course, in the beginning, a mentor will come in handy. 
  • Realize training is ongoing and evolving
  • Celebrate successes and use losses as learning experiences 

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A strong sales team makes or breaks your company. Start them off right by having a robust training program in place. 

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