Customized Or Ready To Go CRM Software: Which Is Better?

Melissa Brodsky

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Determining which type of CRM software to purchase, and in which format, can be confusing. So many options are available, each claiming superiority. They all serve the same purpose, even though some have more bells and whistles than others. To add another factor into the confusion pile, there’s the idea of whether to go with a customized or already made CRM tool. There are pros and cons to each and every available option. So, let’s dive deeper into which CRM option is actually better, customized or ready to go.

Customized CRM Software

With a customized CRM, you’ll be able to choose exactly what your company needs. That’s particularly helpful when you’re a niche business such as pharma distribution or manufacturing. Some of the benefits of having your CRM customized are:

  • You can add as many users as you need without an extra cost
  • Your lead and database management, analytics, and other add ons 
  • Changes can be made based on what your business needs
  • Automate all task
  • Easily integrate other software products like Google and Microsoft
  • System expansion is easier
  • Customized per department within the organization
  • Extremely flexible

A couple con’s for customized CRMs are they can be a bit costlier than the out of the box options, and the build out and learning curves may take a bit longer. 

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Ready-To-Go CRM Software

There is absolutely nothing wrong with an off-the-shelf CRM software, and it might be perfect if your needs are pretty standard. The biggest issues are that customization, updates, and integrations may prove difficult or impossible. 

Pre-packed CRM pros:

  • There are many different options and price ranges available
  • You can do a test run before committing
  • They are good for companies that need just a basic system

Pre-packaged CRM cons

  • Can be complicated both to set up and to implement
  • Need major modifications when using it in different departments
  • Automation may prove more difficult
  • Lack of instant insights to data 
  • Are difficult to scale as your company grows


When it comes down to making your decision as to the kind of CRM software to get, you need to base it on the functionality your company needs by asking the following questions:

  • What sort of gap is there between the customized and existing CRM?
  • What is the cost involved either way?

For a business dealing in large amounts of data, investing in a CRM becomes necessary. Long term, a customized CRM is a justified cost. Especially when it’s a platform that can grow right alongside your company. 
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