Tips To Have An Effective Follow Up Sales Call

Melissa Brodsky

Sales follow up call.

Consistent follow-ups are a vital piece of the sales puzzle. To close the deal, you need to have a good follow up technique in place. You don’t want your calls and emails to be ignored. But, if you don’t stay in touch with your prospect, then you may lose opportunities. You also shudder at the thought of being that annoying salesperson. So, where’s the happy medium? Learn effective ways to have a follow-up sales call without being a, well, pest. 

Call Me, Maybe?

Nowadays, there are so many ways to contact a person: Phone, email, text, direct messages, snail mail. Each client has a different preference of communication. It’s super important to ask which one works best for them. Whichever one is determined, use it to build trust. And, contact them quickly. 

Have a communication plan in place for your follow up sales call. Something that is short, sweet, and to the point. After your introductory conversation, the person knows who you are and why you’re reaching out again, there’s no reason to reiterate. Now is the time to decide whether the person is a solid lead or not.

Say What You Mean

If you let your prospect know you’re going to follow up with them, then do it. Commit, because it’s common for a salesperson to not follow up. If phone calls are the way you’re communicating, then get a date and time on the calendar. And, make sure you follow through. 

Personalize your messaging. Avoid phrases like “just checking in”, or “touching base”.  Bring up something you talked about, ask how their kid’s ballet recital was, or the baseball game. Offer valuable information about your product, a piece de resistance that you save for those emails or calls. Mention a limited time offer or what makes your product more unique than the one they are currently using. 

After each step in your follow up process, set expectations by clearly defining your next course of action. 

Cadence Is Everything

You want to stand at the intersection of “Not Enough” and “Enough’s Enough”. A “Just Right” cadence to your follow up approach can be hard to reach. Take a moment to think about how many follow up communications you receive. Do any stand out as having a perfect balance? Emulate them. Because, chances are that happy medium approach that could work for you, as well. 


A good way to track your entire sales pipeline is through a CRM. You’ll be able to take notes of conversations, track your prospect emails, and streamline all your communications. In fact, CRMs are known to create better customer and potential customer experiences. If you aren’t using one, now is the time to consider adding this tool to your work belt. 

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The point is, commit to communication, follow up at a good pace, and close that deal!

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