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About us

We build industry
specific solutions

Workd is only as strong as the people behind it.
If you think you’d fit in, reach out.
We’re building more than a CRM.

We firmly believe that purpose-built software is the future. That means giving users the tools and features they need to excel at their job. Each individual user is empowered with role-specific pages, dashboards, and workflows. We see many businesses spending thousands of hours and millions of dollars customizing “off-the-shelf” platforms to fit their specific needs. By taking unique approaches to each specific industry, we are able to bring the custom software feel to our customers, without the custom software price.

At Workd, we’re trying to completely change how people think of CRMs, that they should be built for your specific business needs.

Workd empowers teams by providing the tools for effective and efficient completion of their tasks calls with sales dashboards, customer purchase history, and inventory

The first step in creating this ecosystem was to establish the “base.” At first, we thought about using an already established base platform like a SalesForce or Microsoft Dynamic. SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamic had credibility, assets, and cadre of other software utilizing the same base. We quickly realized the solution we wanted to provide our customers required a completely new base—one that could be used regardless of industry and modern in both design and functionality. So that’s what we did. We started with customers, inventory, and calendars and then moved on to more complicated processes like workflows and automations.

A base that could be used regardless of industry, a modern base in both design, and functionality. It was then that we realized that we needed to create that base. So that’s what we did, we started with customers, inventory, calendars, and since, have perfected even more complicated processes like workflows, and process automations.

Our Mission

We build products that provide companies in underserved markets with custom solutions that empower teams and increase revenue. It Workd for me.

Our Values

We’re a close-knit group of passionate people focused on creating purpose-built solutions. Here’s what we stand for:

Always a team

A place on our team is earned and everyone must strive to operate at an elite level. Equally, our team must be world class to attract and retain the best talent and customers.

Kind and respectful

Interactions with other members of the team show care, thoughtfulness, and intentionality above all else. We pride ourselves on maintaining a kind and respectful atmosphere.

High quality work above all else

Everyone on the team strives to put their best work forward on a daily basis, the top priority of the team is to maintain the highest quality of work.

Challenge ideas, not people

We work to foster a highly collaborative environment where people are free to be themselves with their own individual work and communication styles.

Celebrate our success

It’s important that individual successes get noticed, and when the team succeeds, that means we all get to join in on the celebration together!

Working towards a common goal

Everyone on the team is working toward the same goals, enjoying responsible freedom while assisting to determine the best course of action in parallel with colleagues and supervisors.

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      We're thrilled your're interested in learning more about Workd. Please complete the form below and a team member with assist with your request.