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Order Entry

Know Your Products

Quickly and easily get suggested selling items based on Workd’s AI-powered platform. Understand what products will sell best to each individual customer so you can get your clients what they need when they need it.


    Suggested Selling

    Workd puts you in the driver’s seat by giving sales reps suggestions for sales calls, including recommendations based on previously purchased items and current selling trends.


    Dual Order Entry

    Deliver on-the-spot adjustments to online orders as you work directly with customers. Sales team members can even place orders for clients through our e-commerce portal.


    Custom Pricing and Contracts

    Deliver custom pricing for clients, including prices through contracts or named price lists.

    Order Entry

    So Many Insights

    The Workd platform puts insights based on purchase history, current trends, and cross-selling opportunities into the hands of sales teams so they can shorten deal cycles and grow your business. Get the most out of your sales opportunities with Workd’s automated selling suggestions.

    Competitive Price Tracking

    Use up-to-the-minute data to give your customers the best pricing information possible at time of sale.

    Price Overrides

    Get more flexibility with pricing so you can offer customized discounts to buyers. Some purchase prices will go through sales managers for approval.

    Purchase History

    Understand your customers’ purchasing habits through in-depth information on clients’ order histories.

    Inventory Insights

    View equivalent items and take advantage of cross-selling opportunities with suggestions for items that are frequently purchased together.

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    Get Work Done

    Getting Started

    Our Process

    It’s the dawning of a new digital age, and the Workd onboarding experts will help you welcome it in. From onboarding and beyond, Workd will be with you every step of the way.



    You’ll meet with our customer success team who will perform a discovery on your unique business needs and how Workd should be customized to meet them.


    Workflow Creation

    Our talented U.S.-based engineering team will custom tailor Workd to accommadate your current daily workflow.


    Onboarding and Support

    Onboarding training is critical to ensure you get the most out of Workd. Personal site visits can be performed for onboarding support, or training by request.

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