AWS: Powered In The Cloud

Melissa Brodsky

AWS: Powered in the cloud

Most industries are migrating to cloud-based digital infrastructures. Words are easily tossed around that relate to this technology, yet not everyone knows what they mean. The cloud, with Amazon Web Services (AWS) being a part of it…is a brave new world if you can understand what half of it refers to. Learn a little bit of the basics when talking about AWS and the cloud by reading below.

10 Top Cloud Related Vocab Words

  • AI: When a computer system can mimic human intelligence using a variety of algorithms and logic.
  • API: Stands for application performing interface. This allows one service to access and integrate another service into its own. It’s like handing over a spare key. 
  • BaaS: Backend as a service. This is a vendor-provided service and tool specific to developers that allows them to create the back end of a site in the cloud. 
  • Cloud computing: Information and resources delivered through a network instead of computer hardware.
  • DaaS: Database as a service. This is a remotely hosted database that can be shared with other users.
  • IaaS: Infrastructure as a service. Servers, network equipment, and software through an internet provider.
  • Instance: A single cloud/virtual machine that is supporting a workload.
  • Workload: The amount of work running on one instance. 
  • PaaS: Platform as a service. Operating systems and other systems through an internet provider. 
  • SaaS: Software as a service. An application delivered by an internet provider. This is also called a hosted application and does not have to be bought, downloaded, or run through your computer. 

What is AWS?

In the simplest terms, AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. But, that doesn’t tell you much, does it? AWS is a secured cloud service that allows you computer power, cloud storage, content delivery (your website), and so much more. 

With AWS, you can:

  • Host your website or app server
  • Store all your files
  • Use databases
  • Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to deliver files worldwide
  • Send bulk emails
  • Find multiple developer tools
  • Access analytics for multiple types of projects
  • Use various business productivity tools such as Alexa for Business, Chime, and WorkDocs
  • Create and store your mobile apps
  • Manage security, identity, and compliance 
  • Add and access storage, archives, and files
  • AI, VR, and AR tools
  • Customer engagement tools
  • Develop and host video games
  • Manage the IoT

AWS offers so many tools that there’s virtually nothing you can’t rent via Amazon servers, and they are also the easiest, fastest, and cheapest on the market. Not to mention, they’ve got 34% of the cloud computing service space available. 

Benefits of AWS and the Cloud

There are many benefits associated with AWS, which are the reasons we at Workd chose this platform for our software solution.

  • Ease of use: Securely, quickly, and easily host any applications.
  • Flexibility: Select programming language, application platform, database, and other services. Easily migrate over to existing platforms.
  • Scalability: Computing and storage access allow for demand scaling.
  • Reliability: Backed by over a decade of growth and success, AWS is a proven reliable and secure multi-faceted system.
  • Economic: You pay for what you use. There are no contracts or financial commitments.
  • Secure: Software, physical, and operational measures are in place, making AWS exceptionally secure.

How Does AWS Work?

AWS allows you to pick and choose, ala carte, from all its varying offerings. You can choose to simply host your website through AWS, or power your entire digital infrastructure through it. It’s scalable and versatile enough to grow or shrink depending on your business needs. 

Costs can vary depending on the services you need. From the official website, Amazon says, “AWS pricing is similar to how you pay for utilities like water or electricity. You only pay for the services you consume, and once you stop using them, there are no additional costs or termination fees.”

What Is The Cloud?

When everything is stored within your computer, that’s local storage and computing. It’s also more accessible to hackers and security breaches. 

The cloud is just another name for the internet. It’s a bunch of servers across the globe that can be accessed from the internet. It stores and accesses data and programs over the internet instead of your computer. 

The cloud offers both private and shared solutions. Both are safe alternatives. 

Should We Use AWS For Website Hosting?

Many companies feel it’s easier to go through AWS than other available options. Because it’s so robust in its services, AWS can save your company time and money. AWS is an extremely secure way to go, which is reassuring when companies have heavy amounts of data. Depending on how much bandwidth you need, hosting your site through AWS could cost as little as 50 cents per month. Of course, it does go up exponentially from there depending on the types of services and amount of bandwidth needed

The cloud and all the technology surrounding it are here to stay. Understanding it can be difficult. But, knowing cloud basics is the first step. 

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