Collaborate And Connect Better With A CRM

Melissa Brodsky

Empty conference room. Collaboration with CRMs.

Now, more than ever, it’s crucial to have a unified system in place that organizes all aspects of your business. Employers are having to be more transparent and collaboration is more important than ever. Plus, teams that work from home need to feel more connected. A perfect way to get your entire company on the same page is by using a CRM. 

Collaborative Teams

Supporting your team with the right tools will encourage productivity. Clearly stating goals will keep your team aligned. Using a CRM will facilitate collaboration while keeping sight of the objectives. 

Productivity means increased sales, which is a motivating factor for your sales team. But, what about teams that aren’t commission-based? A CRM like Workd is equally beneficial due to the personal and team-accountability factor. Essentially, it’s a shared workspace that will boost collaboration. A major benefit, and not just during this pandemic is, say for some reason, one of the team members couldn’t perform their job due to COVID-related issues. Coworkers would be able to see what’s in their coworker’s pipeline and take over the tasks. 

No more operating in silos. 

Connected Teams

A CRM does more than keep your team connected. It creates data reliability alongside that connectivity. Alerts and notifications keep teams on track with follow-ups, meetings, and issues. The right CRM will give your team the tool to get their job done.

Managers of fully remote teams can recognize engaged coworkers and support the ones struggling. The ability to train new team members is improved, as well. All the necessary onboarding documents are stored within the CRM. 

Because CRMs connect to websites, both repeat and new user visits can be traced. This allows your team to leverage that data to increase leads and sales. 

A Tool To Help 

Remote teams don’t have access to all those manilla folders, piles of papers, or other types of files that are still in the office. If essential information was stored within a CRM, it makes operations move ahead as normal as possible. 

Not only does a CRM help organization and collaboration, but it’s also an easier communication platform. Since many CRMs can live across devices, your office can be stored right on your phone. Communication with clients and coworkers is convenient and simplified. 

Efficiency and productivity tools ease stress, which is escalating due to COVID, that’s a bit of a load off of your team’s mind. With everything your entire team needs, hosted within one piece of software, a CRM is your company’s simple solution!

CRMs help with a more positive work culture!

The pandemic shelter at home is still in effect, and businesses are continuing to work at home. The means, collaboration, and connectivity are two of the most important components to survive this time. Having a CRM will help you through this time, and post-COVID-19. 

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