How A CRM Will Help Your Car Dealership

Melissa Brodsky

Car dealership with workd logo.

Car dealerships are customer-driven. Without customer purchases, car lots would be overcrowded with unsold merchandise and inevitably forcing the dealership to close their doors. No matter the size of your dealership, there are so many benefits a CRM would bring to your overall process that leads to increased sales.  

Benefits of a CRM

Small car dealerships may have different wants and needs out of a CRM than a larger dealership, but having the right system will help both with: 

  • Heightened professionalism
  • Compliance maintenance
  • Systemized processes
  • Increased revenue streams
  • Automated tasks
  • Easier lead distribution

Customer Expectations

If customers don’t get instant gratification, they’ll move onto the next dealership. You have one hour to nurture a lead. In fact, only 46% of car buyers were satisfied with the length of time it took to complete a purchase. And, 54% of car buyers will purchase a car based on a better buying experience. Act fast. Capture client trust. Close the deal. 

All the customer data stored in your CRM, from buying preference down to kids’ names will help you give your customers what they deserve. Excellent customer service. 


Cars need maintenance, parts, and gadgets. If your dealership has a repair shop, you can leverage your customer information stored in the CRM by sending oil change and tune-up reminders. You can also keep track of lease-end dates and help current customers remain your customers by getting them into their new vehicle.

Increase dealership profitability through add-on sales. 


Most car sales begin through an online search. This usually begins a few weeks prior to purchasing or leasing the vehicle. Your new customer has done the research and is armed with information about the car they want. Once this customer contacts you, it’s your job to close that deal. Having all the available products relevant to this customer showing up within your CRM will make you appear professional and capable. 

Easily and quickly share vehicle information via text, email, or phone call, sending offers to the customer, will allow you to close the deal. 


Your leads come from a variety of sources. With a CRM, you can organize where the leads are originating and analyze the most effective sources. You’ll easily track the lead conversions, as well. CRM’s will aid in keeping entire conversation threads organized so you always know where you had left off in the sales process. 

Through detailed analytics, organization of your marketing, leads, and sales will be much more efficient. 

If your dealership needs a CRM customized to its own unique needs, Workd can help. Contact us today for a free demo. 

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